Which Christmas cards do you favour, traditional or contemporary?

Christmas is drawing ever closer and despite themselves are succumbing to the Christmas spirit! We all like to think we are too ‘grown up’ for the fuss at Christmas but between you and me we still love it! It reminds us of our childhood and we love how it brings the best out in Personalised Christmas Card from the Christmas Card Companypeople, if only for a few months people are kind to each other and spend time with their families and friends rather than just work, work, work! The Christmas card company can confirm that Christmas is alive and well through the kind of cards people choose from our wide selection.
Cute animal pics are still very popular as are the classic Christmas imagery of fir trees and Christmas stars which is often used and overprinted by the corporate market which then adds the logo of their chosen charity with 10p from every card going to that charity
The corporate market tends to be conservative has the classic choice of foil on a plain card or even having their company name on the front
The most popular selected Charities are the ones we all most familiar with such as British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research or Alzheimers. A personalised Christmas Card is a good way to express your sentiments to your friends and family as well as helping others via charities. As Christmas nears orders are starting to increase and the quantities (which can be from 30-3000+) so give us a call to discuss your selection of Christmas card be it cutsie animals, corporate and contemporary or classic traditional Christmas and have a great Christmas!

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