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Personalised Corporate Calendars 


A calendar can ¬†be a ‘silent salesman’ on a clients desk all year round, which is great if your business is seasonal or if you need all year round awareness of your brand.Tie the look and feel of the calendar into that of your chosen Christmas card and get double the impact!

Calendars can be personalised with different messages on each leaf and sequential imagery to demonstrate the different facets of your business. Ideal to show a portfolio of work i.e. An architect can show a different building design on each leaf for a shop a different product on each page. or an artist or photographer can show the diversity of their work. you can choose from a variety of formats from a large wall hanging wire bound A3 or A4 style to a small CD sized desktop calendar.

Family gifts


Calendars make great family gifts, especially new baby and family images for grandparents or for young people to give to their parents! They can also be good fund raisers for sports clubs and charity associations.

Have a look through our selection here or call us on 01442 823934 and tell us your idea and we will do our best to help.