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Overprinting your personalised details in colour


Unless otherwise stated the normal choice for printing is black, however four colour printing is available on request.
Digital 4 colour logos or other non standard details incur a cost of £65 for any quantity. Foil logos (on front, if available) or personalisation (inside) will cost £60.

  • Please make a rough sketch of the colour separation and email it to
  • If colour printing is required, please remember to identify the relevant colour(s) (if using a standard colour), or indicate the relevant PMS reference number(s).
  • Colour layout proofs are available for online. Complete card or calendar proofs are available for £30.00
  • Complete card and colour proofs cannot be ordered after November 4th. See the Printing Proofs section.

 Foil printing


Overprint your personalised details in coloured foil
Your logo and personalised details can be foiled, on some cards for a £65 extra cost on the basic card price. If the Coloured Foil Printing option is required please remember to check the appropriate box on the Order Form. The cost of producing a block for foil printing is £35.00. If a block, to our specification, is supplied a set-up charge of £15.00 will be charged.