Last year nearly 100 million Christmas single cards were sold, bringing the total for the Christmas card market to one billion cards sold in the UK. (*figs from GCA UK)

That’s a huge amount of cars to a huge amount of people, so I think we it’s we can safe to say sending Christmas cards to family, friends and clients is still a very popular idea.

Corporate Christmas card design

why are you sending a card a non personal message can do more harm than good so make it personal …are you thanking a client for their business or forging a relationship to work with them in the future?

Whatever the reason it’s important to personalise the message to show you have put some thought into the sentiment.

It is likely your card will be displayed for the duration of the Christmas period, so is a good opportunity for some subtle marketing. If you send your card out early in December it will receive a whole month of exposure

or if you send a calendar too then there’s potential for a whole years exposure, 

So don’t cut corners, send a card which reflects the value of your brand, make it personal to the client you are targeting, with a handwritten message and don’t make it a ‘hard sell’ message it’s Christmas after all!

 Perhaps an anecdote from the previous year you can recount or a simple ‘We look forward to working with you in the coming year’

Christmas planning that works the whole year round

Sending out Christmas cards and Calendars is a good way to be proactive about your marketing. An opportunity to tidy up your database of contacts (within GDPR of course!) and plan how you can keep in touch with them all year round.

Your Calendar could carry an individual monthly message that you can refer to in your marketing. This way you keep regular contact with your client with a coordinated, targeted, well-branded message.

You can introduce other products or services respond to the time of year when the client will be making their plans, all in a relatively subtle inexpensive way.

So have a look through the cards and Calendars on our site, personalise them with an insightful message and greeting and kick off your marketing activity for the coming year!

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