How to put your brand on the desk of your prospects every day

In this digital age of smart devices and mobile phones Christmas Calendars remain an efficient way of advertising your name & services to your clients and making sure they think about you all year round.

With appealing images and brand benefits in bite sized pieces , a bespoke calendar it allows your customers and potential customers to learn something about your products/services and become familiar with your brand on a daily or monthly basis.

Family calendars too are popular it’s great for providing pictures of grandchildren as they have grown and keep relatives reminded of the progress of their loved ones. Especially if the images are engaging or humorous we all look forward to turning

a leaf to see what’s on next months calendar page.

 Calendars are also ergonomic, they can be wall hanging or sit modestly on your desk with a small footprint but big impact and in full view of all the visitors to your office in promoting your brand name. It is true that in seeing them every day we don’t notice them

as much but the effect can be subliminal and  every week or month (or day) when a page is turned over, it’s a new reminder of your service which if done well feeds in positive messages to your clients, prospective clients or relatives. A Calendar also gives you the opportunity

Christmas card company bespoke Calendar design for 2018

to ‘cross sell’ and demonstrate to customers the range of products or services you offer which otherwise they may be unaware of. Or it can be used to show the different markets you operate in or different applications of your product. Essentially you have 12 Advertising display pages to showcase your products with the potential to be viewed every day complete with a contact number.

So why not check out the Calendar format options and then design your own calendar or choose one off the shelf and add your brand to it.

 See some of the examples below and many more on the pages of this site…


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